12 Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval In 3 Days Only!


12 Strategies So That You Can Get Google Adsense Approval In 3 Days Only!

12 Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval In 3 Days: Google Adsense is easily the best and the easiest way to earn money that too by your passion for sharing knowledge and writing. They are trusted by a lot of publishers and advertisers, and they don’t usually accept everyone who applies for an Adsense account. To get your account accepted by them, you need to have a professional approach as only 3 out of 1000 applicants get accepted every day. If you are looking for some of the guidelines to have your very own AdSense account, then these few tips and tricks are going to help you.

How To Get The Google Adsense Approval In Just 3 Days Easily

#Tip 1: Number Of Posts Or Articles And Pages:

Your wordpr4ess site or blog should have minimum 40 quality articles to get it accepted by them. The content should be highly rich with the usage of image wherever possible. If your website is HTM then at least 50 pages are necessary which should be the landing pages or the articles. They might otherwise reject your website on the basis of Unacceptable site content or insufficient site content, so make sure that you have enough content on your site.

#Tip 2: Some Of The Prohibited Niches:

If your site has quality contents on the topics like law, business, technology, travel, entrepreneurship, internet marketing, health, social media, lifestyle, etc. then the approval process are usually faster. Sites containing any prohibited content could be a serious offence on your part. Blogs that are limited to one particular topic, chances are that your website will get rejected by Google Adsense.

#Tip 3: No Third Party Programs Or Ads:

You must not place any third party banner ad code on the website that you have applied for on Adsense. Since Google manually check these websites, any third-party ads are hated by them, and your website gets instantly rejected. So keep your website clean of all these clutters and post freshly brewed content frequently. Also, try to avoid affiliate links if you want a Google Adsense approval.

#Tip 4: User Experience & Website Design:

Google wants the users to have a nice experience while surfing any website so a good navigation with a clean design is of utmost priority if you want to get the approval. Maintaining a professional color scheme, while having a pretty neat and clean design is the best way to get your website approved. You can even purchase a professional template so that the speed of the site is not affected and the navigation is also easy.

#Tip 5: Google Analytics Code:

If you add this analytics code in your website it will imply that you are tracking the visitors to your website so that would also imply that you are serious about the people who visit your page. Once you have registered for this one you will receive a tracking code by opting for a new account. All you need too is to provide the details, and you can track the data almost instantly.

#Tip 6: Webmaster’s Verification Page Of Google Or Bing:

With the Webmaster tools one can track the various critical errors on the website, and they can be fixed on a regular basis. This also adds credibility to the domain that you have as it showed that you are serious about your website and you want to rectify all the errors constantly. Addition of these two on your site is also going to show good results on the visibility of search.

#Tip 7: XML Sitemap Page:

This isn’t going to consume a lot of your time. If you create a sitemap with Google XML sitemaps, then this is going to help various search engine bots. They will index your particular website much faster. This is going to make your website look trustworthy to the bots. So Google Adsense usually approves websites which have XML sitemap page created. Do this before you are applying for it.

#Tip 8: Robots.Txt

If you want to avoid the indexing of the unwanted junk in to google then create a Robots.txt file on your site. This adds weight to your SEO efforts which show y=how hard you have been trying to bring your page on top of the search engine results. This is another huge trust factor, and Google Adsense will immediately approve you once they see the Robots.txt file on your site.

#Tip 9: Rank Of Alexa:

Even though it is highly debated as to whether or not Google checks the global rankings of your site it is highly rumored that they check the Google Alexa rankings. So it is important to install the alexa toolbar. For a faster approval process of your website ensure that the alexa global ranking of your website is below 400k to gain a weightage.

#Tip 10: Some Of The Important Pages:

Create some of the most important pages on your site like the disclaimer policy, privacy policy; contact us, terms of usage, about us, etc. Google wants to know about your identity, so the clearer you are, the better are your chances of getting the approval.

#Tip 11: Custom Email Ids And Domain:

If you are creating a website with various free domains then know that Google Adsense usually takes custom domains more seriously than the free domains. Before applying for the AdSense program, purchase a domain of your own and make sure it has an email id with your name and is linked to your website.

#Tip 12: A Decent Traffic:

First generate a suitable amount of visitors per day, the more the better. If your page has a minimum no. of visitors of 50+ per day then you can consider applying for your Adsense request. Though these are highly rumored but it is better to stay on the safe side rather than suffering.

So these are the 12 tips and tricks so that your website can get approved easily in less than three days.


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