17 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment


Ideas For Launching Your Business At A Low Cost!

Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment : Everyone wants to be the boss and now is the chance for you to start your own business. But starting your own business takes a lot of money. However, you can now start your own business if you choose your idea carefully and invest in a business that doesn’t require much money. Here are some ideas for you.

17 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment:

1. Create Chat-Bots

Every business needs chat-bots these days. You can create chat-bots in order to get more feedback and improve your business. You don’t need to have any knowledge about coding in order to create your own chat-bots.

2. Marketing

You need to have background knowledge in order to become a genius in marketing. Every business with a website looks for people who know marketing and can turn the visitors on the website into loyal customers. You can also help them to improve SEO with correct keywords, titles and Meta descriptions.

3. Consultant For Social-Media

Social media is a growing business where you can get customers from all over the world. It has a lot of potential in it as technology has improved drastically. You do not need any certificates for this and easily earn money. Open your own firm and help people on different social media platforms to gain more and more followers.

4. Reviewer

You can build your portfolio and work as a freelancer or for a company. You have to test the products and give your feedback on these products. It helps these companies to know whether their products will be suitable for the mass or not. You can even approach companies directly.

5. Online Dating Consultancy

You can now be the matchmaker and become make money as well. Your job will be to write and search for profiles. You will also have to act as a manager on these websites and update people about their status through emails or telephonic conversation. There are a lot of online dating platforms where you can start your own work.

6. Apps Developer

There are a lot of apps that are coming into the market every day. These apps make our life easier and generate a lot of revenue in the process. You can do this work in any part of the world and require very less amount of money for it. You just need to come up with an idea for the app that is unique and will work in the market.

 7. Graphic Designer

You can now create logos, fliers, advertisements for different companies. You will need your staff, and you should know how to use Photoshop and another similar kind of software. A little bit of creativity is needed in this field.

8. Tax Consultant

Every company has to pay some amount of tax, no matter how big or small. In order to become a tax consultant, you need to receive certain kind of training and attend lectures. You can set up your firm and prepare the taxes for these kinds of companies so that they can focus on the other aspects of their business.

9. Blogger

Though blogging has become quite common, it is a good option and doesn’t require any formal education. You will need a video camera along with an internet connection so that you can show your skills off. You can gain a huge fan following and generate revenues from it.

10. Resume Writing

If you are good at writing resumes, then you should definitely choose this option. People tend to pay a good amount of money if you write their resumes. You can set up your company, and you will not even need any funds. You can choose your timings and work in order to get a good amount of money.

11. Editorial Service

You will find a huge potential in this business, and you won’t need any money to start your company. There is a large group of audience who need these kinds of services. Not only large companies, but students also need editorial services from time to time. Copy writing, editing, ghostwriting, book writing, proofreading are some of the services that your company can offer.

12. Nutrition And Meal Planner

Some people like to stay healthy and fit, but they are clueless when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. You can also advise them to stick to their budget and pick up the ingredients for their meal.

13. Video Production

You can offer your services to people who do not know how to edit their videos. Your company will have the power to make these videos of high quality. It can also be a home-based business as the services your company will offer are Blog Editing, voice-overs, adverts.

14. Travel Planner

People who want to go out on vacation but cannot arrange everything properly then you can help them. All you need is great organizational skills and presence of mind. You can bargain and find people the best deals when it comes to booking flights, tours, hotels, car rentals and much more.

15. Tutoring

Tutoring has a lot of scopes and will help you to make money easily. There are students all over the world who require additional help that they do not get from the school. You can step in and help them to improve in their studies and open your own tuition centers.

16. Cleaning Service

You do not require any sort of training for providing these kinds of services.  You can set up your own company and fix your own prices. There is a lot of option for you to choose between commercial and residential places. You can even monitor hotel staff and help them to clean the hotel in a better manner.

17. Tour Guide

If you know the town you want to start your business in, then you can easily become a tour guide. You can fix up the prices of your packages which can include walking tours, taxi services, food services and much more.

Thus, these are some of the most cost-effective methods to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. More than money, you will need your skills to make your business work.


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