20 Most Profitable Business Ideas in India Without Investment


Twenty Ideas For Small Businesses In India!

Profitable Business Ideas in India Without Investment: Every business cannot be a million dollar investment at the beginning, but you can turn it into one. Internet, technology along with a lot of networking has helped a lot to make small start-up companies huge in just a couple of years. You may not have funds to start a big company, but you can always try to make your small business idea work. Here are the top twenty business ideas which you can execute, even if you are low on cash. Below is the list of Most Profitable Business Ideas in India Without Investment.

20 Most Profitable Business Ideas in India Without Investment

1. Online Tutorials:

Technology has helped to helped to bridge the gap that geographical boundaries have given rise to. Now you can give online tutorials to your audience, residing in any part of the world. Not only Youtube, but there are several other websites where you can find so many people who post tutorials every day. It takes a little bit time and effort but there are many people who have become successful after posting tutorials online.

If you are an artist, you can show your knowledge and skills to the world and earn money and fame from it. This will help you to establish your reliable client base. There are several such tutorials that deal with cookery, art, fashion, makeup, dance and even academics. If you have a skill, that you have mastered, then it’s time for you to show it off.

2. Animation:

With the advancement of technology, there is a lot of scope when it comes to animation. You can create animated videos or films, even if you have a basic hardware. All you need is the right kind of software. You can even provide training in animation to those who want to learn, both online as well as offline. It can be a good career option for you where you can earn a lot once you start making animated videos for big companies.

3. Online Content Writing:

If you feel that grammar and writing is your forte, then you can turn your passion into your career and become a web content writer. People who blog always need a skilled writer who has an interest in literature. Content writing might sound easy but it is not. You have to express the given content in several different ways. You can choose to become a freelancer and work with different brands or companies. You can always get a job with any of the companies and earn a good amount of salary.

4. Blogging:

Although blogging has become quite common, if you are good at it, you can excel at it. It always you to be creative as well as earn a good amount of money. Blogging is a part of every business that is successful. All the start-up companies have a blog of their own. Bloggers have a lot of power in their hands as they can influence people. In order to become a successful blogger, you need to follow certain steps.

You have to select your own niche and hold the attention of your target group of audience. You need to stay updated and know about the latest trends. It is advisable to select a blog which will be popular in the long turn. Starting a blog is very easy but you have to monetize it by choosing an advertising program. If you know your passion, it is easier to continue writing a blog about it and become successful.

5. Social Media Services:

Any kind of company needs to market and advertise their products and services using social media. With the growth in technology, social media has gained more and more importance. Apart from this, there are several apps that are related to social media are being launched in the market and are quite successful. All you have to do is to come up with a unique idea for an app and then approach a good app developer who can make your idea come true. The next step is to contact advertisers and launch your app to the target audience.

6. Hosting and Domain Services:

Every blogger needs a hosting service for their website. It helps the website to work smoothly. All the business needs hosting businesses to flourish. Several online brands had helped several new hosting companies to come up and be successful.

7. SEO Consultant:

SEO helps to optimize your search engine results. Every website wishes to have higher rankings on search engines. An SEO consultant helps you to come up with strategies so that your business comes up easily in search engines. It is a highly lucrative business idea.

8. Translation Services:

Translation, as well as interpretation, is now a business. Language is not more a barrier, and now people who write blogs want to expand their blogs to the people outside their country. It helps them to generate more revenue and thus makes translation services a good business idea.

9. Educational Services:

It is one of the essential business ideas that our society needs. You can get some of the best professionals to guide and train children as well adults. You can get so many options on the web. All you need is the skill to build your reputation.

10. Career Guidance:

Nowadays, all the parents get confused about choosing a career path for their children. Career counselor plays an important role here as they help to discover the interest and capabilities of the child so that he or she can be whatever he/she wants to be. It is one of the most promising fields where you can guide the young minds.

11. IT and Cyber Security:

The Internet has grown, and so has the cyber crime. Hacking and theft is now a common affair, and thus, forensics department is always on a lookout for people who have skills in IT and cyber department. You can make your team and get other people to hire your people.

12. Financial Planner and Manager:

Business people always need someone to tackle and keep an account of their business. Thus, you can develop a team of registered financial planner who will help businesspeople to grow their business and help them to invest wisely.

13. Franchise Store:

You can always open a franchise store and expand to other locations. Along with good quality products, you will also need workforce and promotion. Nowadays, fashion is a good choice to start with. You have to hire your staff and build your business around it.

14. Photography:

Photographers are needed on all the important occasions. If you have the skills or passion, then you can become a professional photographer easily. Whether you decide to open your company or want to work as a freelancer that is up to you. All you have to invest in good gadgets.

15. Advertising Agency:

Every business needs a bit of promoting to become successful. You can set up your advertising agency, and you do not need to have any prior experience. You can set up hoardings in different parts of the city and promote the companies.

16. Advertisement Maker:

If you have a creative bent of mind, then this job will be perfect for you. You can hire your staff and create unique advertisements for your company. It will help the companies to get unique advertisements, and you can earn a lot.

17. Green Stores:

If you want to contribute to the environment, you can come up with eco- friendly products and sell them. There are several NGOs you can sign up with and even sell your products internationally.

18. Real Estate:

You can find several clients who are interested in investing in a property. You can start your agency that deals with real estate and becomes an advisor. But you have to be careful as there a lot of frauds.

19. Human Resources:

Every company has to hire workers and deal with them. You can use this to your advantage and open a firm a firm that deals with human resources. You can find suitable candidates and allow them jobs.

20. Freelancer:

If you don’t like to be bound by contracts, then you can become a freelancer. You can make up your timings and work. There are freelancers in the field of photography, writing, and other creative fields.

Thus, these ideas help you to become a small-time businessman and earn profits slowly but steadily.


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