21 Ways to Promote Your Business Online for Free


Some Budget-Friendly Ways To Promote Your Business And Create A Brand Name

Promote Your Business Online for Free: In case you are looking to indulge in some marketing strategies to promote your business without burning a hole in your pocket, you have come to the right place. Listed below are some sure shot ways to boost your small business on a comfortable budget.

21 Ways to Promote Your Business Online for Free

1. Publish Content That Compels Users To Read

One of the foremost ways to generate traffic to your website and thus improve sales is by publishing informative, focused and interesting content on your website. Make use of numeric for creating listicle titles, higher quality content writers and you are good to go.

2. Put Up Videos For Greater Understanding

Video content is proven to boost traffic because of how much easier it makes everything to comprehend. You can hire a fairly amateur videography student to shoot the ideas you have in mind.

3. Credits For Ad Promos

Instead of ad campaigns that cost a fortune you can check if the service providers you have for web hosting offers any discount codes instead of the membership that you are making.

4. Consider Reddit

Often referred to as the internet’s front page can prove to be an effective tool for strategic usage. Since this platform contains rather tech-savvy users, it is necessary to post interestingly written content those appeals to the ground level of the platform. You can find your most specific area of interest and take over it.

5. Remain Active On The Social Network

It is important to open up business pages and sign up on the various social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on for a large section of the youth audience to know about your business.

6. Make Your Infographics

In marketing one can’t stress the importance of infographics enough for the simple reason that they are simple to understand, pleasing to the eyes and hugely shareable. This, in turn, snowballs traffic to your website and upon doing it yourself on software such Adobe, you do not need to spend much money either.

7. Breathe Fresh Life Into Old Data

On the internet you will find a good volume of information and statistics on widely different natured things. If you cannot afford content writers yet, make use of the old data that you find online and twist up to suit the new generation’s reading interests, but always ensure to make the two mutually relevant with one another.

8. Spend More Time On Linkedin

LinkedIn is a majorly under-utilized social media site wherein people often end up simply adding more network connections. It is important that you share your posts and join groups to have conversations there. This is also a great place to promote your business, share and get newer ideas and create a brand name of your own.

9. Reuse Content

It is not enough to only refresh ideas that you get from the ideas, you can also work on your existing content and share them again by simply changing the medium of the content. For instance, text-based content can be changed into a video and shared again.

10. Create A Referral Program For Customers

You can also consider offering your existing customer a discount code or a gift hamper from your company for referring new customers to your website.

11. Arrange Contests Online

Arranging content can be an expensive affair but the exposure it will lend to your company is worth the money. Also, it is not necessary to promote your customer’s extravagant gifts; a simple utility item can also attract customers. However, if you are really on a tight budget, there are certain software available that can help you plan a contest on a low budget.

12. Come Together With Partners

You can also consider collaborating with a business belonging to your industry that is not a competitor but will allow a joint venture to take place. You can make it happen by arranging events or through online webinars. Doing this will earn your twice the attention and reveal an audience group that is interested in your business as well.

13. Keep Track Of The Business Awards

It will do you good to know that some industries give away awards to businesses from showcasing best skills in the industry. Make sure to enter your business there for they can earn you a badge that you can flaunt on your web page and increase your credibility. If your industry has no awards, you can host one to maximize your popularity in the industry.

Marketing Ideas To Target Local Audience

This procedure involves much lesser overhead costs than huge ad campaigns. Even though you are targeting a smaller group, it is the greatest and cheapest way to promote your regional business.

1. Attractive Business Cards

Nothing spells taste in business more than attractive business cards, and it is important that you distribute it to enough number of new people you come across so that word of mouth reaches as much as you would like it to.

2. Consider Guerilla Marketing

This kind of marketing appreciates creativity more than expenditure and is among the easiest and cheapest to put into action. Such things include using abandoned building walls as a canvas for your business art; sidewalk chalks writings to provide information about it, giving out custom made stickers and so on.

3. Congregate People for a Class or Event

You could also plan a class or an event providing information on your business and industry and promote it adequately among local bulletins for more people to know about it and come in on the day.

4. Draw other Business Cards

You can also consider putting out a bowl at the desk of your business asking people to drop their business cards in for a chance to win something from you. Give a gift to one of the card owners while emailing to the others that they should subscribe to your web page to be notified of latter-day giveaways and offers.

5. Marketing Through Email

You can consider getting new straying customers to sign up for your email newsletters by offering them some bonus piece. In this way, you can not only nurture your existing subscribers but also get new visitors to become your faithful subscribers and eventually turn them into customers that are willing to pay you.

6. Grab Notice through your Company Car

Another great way to create brand value and name for your business is by sticking a hologram of your company on to your company car for more people to see and register it while you drive it around town.

7. Distribute Balloons in a Local Event

You could also consider getting a hundred or w few more custom made balloons with your business name and distribute it among the children there for them to be amused and for your business to be promoted.

8. Be a part of Local Contests

A good way to get new people to know about your business is by lending a product from your company as a prize upon winning a local quiz, event or contest.


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