25 Simple and Best Yoga Asanas to do Everyday for Good Health


List of Effective Yoga Asanas That Can Be Practiced At Home

Simple and Best Yoga Asanas: Yoga is one of the best and easiest ways in which you can lose the excess body weight while also relaxing your mind and body of the excessive stress. It will do you good to know that the ancient ways of practice benefited body strength greatly and also served to make you more flexible, free of stress and your body without ailments. Yoga, inherently, is about stretching the body using different tactics.

Few of the most commonly practiced asanas such as the Surya Namaskar, Dhanurasana, Bhujagasana, Kapalbharti position and some others have been proven effective in burning belly fat and reducing excessive weight gain. You must understand that patience is an important element of yoga. Therefore, you can only benefit from it if you persevere at it with a hundred percent dedication. In addition to that, you can also carry on having a proper healthy diet for best results. You will be surprised to know that losing your body weight is not that difficult a task when you eat and exercise daily. This article will hopefully be able to help you with all the names of the yoga positions and easy ways in which it can even be done by complete beginners.

It is also important that you learn of certain warm-up stretches that can initiate you into the daily routine in a proper way. There are some lists available that give you details on warm-up yoga exercises in whichever language you want them in whether English or the native language of yoga practitioners, Sanskrit.

1. Slow Stretching For The Benefit Of Your Neck

It is important that you start with the basics of yoga such as first learning to slowly stretch your neck to relax the tension and weariness that comes with working every day. It is super easy and can be practiced anywhere sitting on a chair.

2. Practice The Mountain Pose: Tadasana

In the case you wish to get taller or are simply looking for an effective yoga pose for your spine and hands, practice this asana every morning to feel best results.

3. Fold Pose By Standing Forward Or The Uttanasana

Yoga asanas such as this one is advantageous if you are looking to relieve yourself of stress and anxious behavior. Since it is a forward bending position, it allows your sine a complete stretch, and twisted arms allow the shoulders to remain tightened as they should and provides blood back to your brain, while also exercising the legs.

4. Trikonasana For All The Pregnant Ladies

A great asana for pregnant women, this position helps in strengthening your muscles alongside bettering the different functions of your body. What it also helps is lessening blood pressure, anxiety and stress while increasing blood function throughout the body. It will also do you good to know that this asana benefits our power of concentration and balance while reducing the fat in our thighs and waist region.

5. The Dhanurasana To Lessen Body Fat

One of the most effective Asanas for weight loss. It not only reduces your tummy fat but also strengthens various vital body parts such as the groins, ankles, chest thighs and different abdominal organs as a result of its posture. It also benefits us internally as it improves the quality f our kidneys, liver, small and large intestine and pancreas. Acting also as a reliever from stress, this Asana provides flexibility to our body.

6. A Full Routine For Surya Namaskar

A complete Surya Namaskar is taken to be complete only when the twelve different poses constituting the asana is finished twice, with you using the opposing leg for the first movements during the second set. As is the case with all other asanas, it greatly helps in lessening acute anxious behavior and stress, pain in the lower back region, interruptions while sleeping, hypertension, fatigue. In addition to that, they are beneficial in combating difficult diseases like asthma. It also alters the level of our flexibility, balance and overall body strength and gives you more energy to do things during a day.

7. The Famous Kapalbhati Yoga With Its Other Benefits

One of the most commonly recommended exercises for breathing, this asana is rather beneficial in getting rid of stomach problems and helps you lose belly fat. It will also do you good to know that five minutes of practicing this asana every day can help you get rid of all the harmful toxins, thus hastening your rate of metabolism. Also, it also cures problems such as constipation, diabetes, acidity and other respiratory diseases.

8. The Baddha Konasana For All The Beginners

This particular asana has proven to be rather beneficial for opening up the otherwise rigid hips of beginners and aid in sciatica discomfitures that usually worsens when made to sit for long hours. This kind of pain usually originates in the lower back region and spread rapidly to both the legs as a result of compression of nerves. People who have to commute or sit for long hours usually get affected by this problem.

9. The Eagle Twist Asana For Relaxation

This particular asana helps a great deal in increasing your spinal cords overall, side to side flexibility. Practice this asana daily to ease your body flower back and abdominal pain.

10. The Headstand Asana For The Betterment Of Overall Health

This asana can be a little tricky to perfect but regularly practicing it can help cure problems such as insomnia, lack of concentration mental imbalance It also betters your blood circulation that reaches your brain thus improving brain functions such as memory. It is especially important for all of you who suffer from a headache, loss of memory and blood circulation problems.

11. The Sarvangasana For Better Health

You can consider practicing this asana if you are looking to create more resistance power in your body and get rid of problems such as back pain and dark circles. This particular asana helps in even brightening the face and reducing excessive body weight. The most impressive aspect of this asana is that it betters the condition of your body’s blood circulation, metabolism, digestion blood sugar level, the health of pancreas and so on.

12. The Paschimottasana Posture

This particular asana acts as the entire body’s stretching exercise as everything from the head to the heels is involved in the asana. It is the best asana for women to perfect just after delivery to reduce the tummy fat that you have left behind and to bring your pelvic organs back into shape. This posture also helps in stretching the spine to bring in more body flexibility and increasing height and strengthening back muscles.

13. Benefits Of The Halasana Posture

This asana, more commonly known as Plough Pose is rather effective in strengthening our back muscles and increasing the body’s flexibility. You should also know that this asana can help reduce the stress you have and thus cure abdominal problems such as constipation and indigestion. For all those who are suffering from diabetes, trying this asana can change your life.

14. The Half Plough Posture Or Ardha Halasana And It Benefits

This particular asana is rather beneficial for improving abdominal functions because of the stimulation it provides the abdominal organs which causes them to burn belly fat faster while also improving digestion and increasing appetite. Problems of abdominal gas can also be cured practicing this asana.

15. Practice The Bhujangasana For Losing Weight

In the case you are looking to lose weight fast, this particular asana can prove to be the quickest for it increases our rate of metabolism by improving the functions of our liver, kidneys, gallbladder as also pancreas. It also thus causes all problems of insomnia and constipation.

16. Benefits Of The Pavanamuktasana For Our Body

This particular asana helps in removing abdominal gases from our stomach and improving the condition of our digestive system. You can also practice it to get rid of excess body fat and acidity. It can also give you a flat tummy while strengthening your back muscles.

17. The Uttana Padasana Or The Raised Leg Posture

This particular asana is proven to be beneficial for getting rid back pain and all kinds of stomach disorders. This asana can also better the condition of your abdominal muscles; Beginners can start by raising one leg at a time also because it works like a charm on arthritis pain, abdominal gas problems and heart disorders.

18. The Setubandhasana Posture Or The Bridge Posture

In our efforts to lose body weight, we tend to forget practicing asanas that can strengthen our legs. You can consider practicing this asana to strengthen not only your legs but also beck, shoulders and chest.

19. The Many Benefits Of The Vajrasana

The simplest among all of the asanas that you can practice at any time of the day is the Vajrasana and is rather beneficial in improving our breathing and ability of mind. It can also cure various stomach problems like constipation, acidity, slow digestion and so on. However, people suffering from joint pains should avoid practicing this asana.

20. The Matsyendrasana For Better Health

This particular asana is effective in improving the body’s flexibility while also increasing the oxygen supply within or system. Other health benefits of this posture include improving vertebral and spinal functions, condition of diabetes and stiffness within joints. Other problems that this asana can eradicate include constipation as also urinary tract diseases.

21. The Happy Baby Pose Or The Ananda Balasana

This is a suitable yoga posture for beginners and is an excellent way of stretching our hip joints, which often tends to stiffen from prolonged sitting down. This posture also calms the mind down while also being much physically stimulating that is just what we need when we have particularly difficult day coming up. It will also serve to elongate the back thus allowing the hips the stretching it requires.

22. Reduce Back Pain With Balasana

This is a rather simple yoga pose to perfect and can be done on a bed as well. In the case you are suffering from back pain, it can help for it stretches as also relaxes the spine. The muscles in our hips, ankles and thighs become stronger with this pose. However, people with high blood pressure and pregnant women should avoid practicing this asana.

23. The Corpse Position Or The Shavasana For Better Health Of Your Mind

This asana requires you to only lie down like a dead body and is great if you can do it just before going to bed. Such a thing helps you in emptying your mind off thoughts that keeps you up at night thus increasing your chances of functioning with a clearer mind the next morning. This position helps you sleep better by easing all the stress you have from the day.

24. The Virabhadrasana Or The Warrior Posture

This position resembles a soldier during war and is therefore called so. It is a very beneficial asana for women who are expecting because it provides the entire body with flexibility and strengthens your legs, arms and back. It also helps in toning the lower part of your body. You can also find yourself concentrating better with more stamina and increased overall balance in your body on practicing this asana regularly.

25. The Various Health Benefits Of The Utrasana Or The Camel Pose

It’s only when your body resembles that of a camel will you have perfected this asana. People suffering from back pain, abdominal problems, nervous disorders, endocrinal failure and poor blood circulation can consider practicing this asana on a regular basis. That apart this asana can also help you improve the condition of your respiratory organs by increasing your chest size and thus lung capacity. Therefore, asthma patients should not give this asana a miss for anything. It is also effective in increasing the flexibility of your spinal functions as also neck and chest region.


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