JIO Coin ICO Launch Date, Price Prediction – How To Buy Jio Coin Online?


Digital Currency Jio Coin at a Glance, the Latest Updates

JIO Coin Launch Date, Price Prediction: The finance market is undergoing extensive transformation towards cryptocurrency whose popularity is increasing exponentially even among the Indian customers. While Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc. have already penetrated the market, the Indian population is eagerly waiting for the Reliance Jio flagship cryptocurrency Jio Coin reported having been led by Akash Ambani.

Jio Coin Price & JIO Coin ICO Launch Date

Media reports have suggested that Reliance Jio will soon roll out its cryptocurrency, but the official statement from the authorities have not put in a word for the exact date of launch. It is expected to be launched towards the end of February once the company is ready with the IT infrastructure needed to support the demand and transparent business so that the trust of customers remain with Reliance brand image.

Reliance Jio Coin: Beware of fake Websites/Apps

Steps To Buy Jio Coin

  • Do not fall victim to fake websites registering customers claiming purchase of Jio Coins and cheating thousands of people in the end.
  • Some bogus apps have also been launched on Play Store whereas there has been no official confirmation from the authorities regarding the final launch of application or website if any.
  • So far as media reports are concerned, these Jio Coins will be available for Jio customers initially only on My Jio App. These coins can be purchased with Jio Wallet.
  • This cryptocurrency may further be made available across all other platforms.

Jio Coin Features/Expected Price/Cost of Jio Coin:

  • Jio coin makes use of the same block chain technology as in other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • The value of one Jio Coin is expected to be $1 or Rs.64 approximately.
  • It can be purchased with plastic money, and you will be able to sell your coins just like Bitcoins.

Benefits of CryptoCurrency

  • Using cryptocurrency eliminates any chances of counterfeiting as these digital coins cannot be copied.
  • Generally speaking, there is hardly any transaction fee associated with the usage of these coins as might be the case with conventional currency.
  • These coins eliminate the need for any third party in the business. As an example you might want to buy a property which may involve an extra fee of lawyer, notary, broker, etc. and with the help of digital coins, you can directly make settlement payments.
  • It helps you transform your payment system completely by making it more transparent and hassle-free.
  • One of the most crucial benefits includes the block chain technology which allows the crypto network to be managed by its network and not under any central authority.
  • There are no exchange rates, interest rates, or transaction charges applicable to these coins as opposed to different slabs put by the governments in various countries. Consequently, cryptocurrency is a global entity and universally accepted with no or minimum intervention by the government.

The truth is that most people still do not have information about the cryptocurrency or have inhibitions about it even when they know. The usage of digital currency deserves more penetration in the economy owing to its fast, totally secure and seamless operation across all the businesses and locations. People need to be made aware of the underlying potential benefits of the digital currency. Block chain technology is a powerful tool which can transform businesses completely and the future of its usage only depends on how fast people reap its benefits.

Is Digital Currency Illegal In India?

RBI is closely speculating the growing penetration of cryptocurrency in the market and regulations have not yet been passed by the government. You can expect it to be regularized by the government soon.


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